Wiser Driver Intensive Courses

Intensive courses can be the ideal way for someone to get a move on and get driving in the shortest possible time frame.

Our intensive courses all include initial assessment, in car practical training, mock test, and practical test – typically over
the course of a week.

Intensive Courses

20 hours – this course is recommended only for the intermediate pupil, someone who is already semi trained, designed to hone your existing skills and concentrate on strengthening any weaknesses that may show themselves, preparing you for the day of the test and helping you build your confidence in order to take your best shot on test day.

30 hours – this course is best for the beginner or only partially trained pupil. We will start with the basics and guide you through the stages as directly as possilble. we will get you to mock test stage, using this to pinpoint any shortcomings and working on them, preparing you in the best way possible for test day.

Please Note: That it is a requirement that the candidate has passed a theory test prior to undertaking an intensive course. Also, booking an intensive course is dependant upon availablility of a test appointment at your local DSA driving test centre. As a result some flexibility, or booking well in advance, can be helpful.

Whilst we provide this service, please note that there is no real substitute for learning gradually over a long period of time. However if this is the way that you would like to go, our instructors will structure the course to suite the pupil’s individual needs, maximising the learning over the time available to you.

Whilst our instructors are amongst the best at what they do, and will do all that they can to prepare you for the test, there is no guarantee of a pass. A deposit of £100 is required when booking an intensive course.

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